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China University of Science and Technology

1967 Our school was given permission to be established in May of this year.
1968 It officially opened in 1968 and named “China Junior College of Technology”.
1994 It was renamed to “China Junior College of Technology and Commerce”.
1998 It expanded Continuing Education into a 2-year program.
1999 The school was upgraded to a college and renamed “China Institute of Technology”. The Evening School was renamed to “Division of Continuing Education”.
2000 The “Affiliated Institute of Continuing Education” was established.
2003 The ”Hsin Chu Campus” was established.
2006 The school administration’s performance was given the highest rank.
2009 As a result of the inspection made by the Ministry of Education, the name of the school change to the “China University of Science and Technology ”.
At CUST we have a numbers of divisions:"Day Division", "Division of Continuing Education", "Affiliated Institute of Continuing Education" and "Aviation Maintenance Education Center". We also now have 20 departments and 8 graduate schools. Our school is organized of four colleges(College of Engineering, College of Commerce and Management, College of Health Science and Technology, and College of Aviation).


Establish year : 1967

Type of institution : Private technical University

Feature area : Engineering, manufacturing and construction, Business, administration and law, Services

Contact : International Cooperation Center

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TEL | +886-2-2782-1862#247

Faculty : 369

Student : 5808

Undergraduate 5510

Graduate 297 International Students 1

Academics : 32

College 4 Department 20 Grad. Inst. 8