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Taipei National University of the Arts

President / N°1-1, Xueyuan Road
The One. It means divergence, pointing to ambiguities and signifying utmost and complete praise to the unnamable. It subtly responds to the daily praxis and bodily fate of those on the mountain. There seems to be no magic but there is manifestation of absolute ness at every corner. We cannot but give it a plain nomenclature: creativity.

The One. It is our collective nomenclature, and it is even our fate. Other people's fantasy is our daily praxis. It is both a reality and a direction towards glory of tomorrow. It often traps us in psychological predicaments, because psychological predicaments are the foundation of art, and we are constantly blessed by the One.

Establish year : 1982

Type of institution : National University

Feature area : Arts and humanities

Contact : Office of International Affairs

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TEL | +886-2-2897-1527

Faculty : 163

Student : 3593

Undergraduate 1769

Graduate 1526 International Students 298

Academics : 24

College 6 Department 11 Grad. Inst. 7