Hungkuo Delin University of Technology

  • Establish year :1972 / 1
  • Faculty :477
  • Student :744
  • International Student :0

Technology, Humanism, Taiwan Values, and Worldview

HungKuo Delin University of Technology is a private university in Tucheng District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. HDUT was founded in 1972 as Sze Hai College of Technology. In 1991, the school changed its name to Sze Hai College of Technology and Commerce. In 2001, it was reorganized to De Lin Institute of Technology. In 2017, reorganized to HungKuo Delin University of Technology. There are 3 colleges and 14 departments in HungKuo Delin University of Technology: College of Hospitality: Department of Hospitality Management Department of Culinary Arts Department of Leisure Business Management Department of Event Management Department of Applied English The mission of this college is to cultivate talents about hospitality, Culinary Arts, Leisure Business, Event Management, and Applied Foreign Languages. College of Real Estate: Department of Real Estate Management Department of Civil Engineering Department of Spatial and Interior Design Department of Business Administration The College has two major professional educational features, the first is "improving students' ability to building design, construction management, spatial design, property marketing, as well as gardening in metropolitan buildings"; The Second feature is "cultivating students' skills in 3D building information modeling applications." We also provide a great opportunity for students to gain work experience and make connections with professionals in their field prior to graduate by offering students a variety of opportunities for off-campus internships, practical workplace visiting, as well as industry- academical cooperation. by cooperating with variety of outstanding architectural, interior design companies, construction companies and sales agents in Taiwan. College of Engineering: Department of Mechanical Engineering Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering Department of Computer and Communication Engineering Department of Electronics Engineering Department of Creative Product Design Based on the development of "Smart Life Application" and "Innovative Engineering Technology", the college of engineering collaborates the academic fields to attain the "Smart Life Application Research Group" and "Innovation Engineering Technology". In collaboration with industry, we aim at smart green technology to establish the Internet of Things as the goal to promote industrial economic. In addition, we endeavor to seek cooperation with the industry in realizing national development policies. To achieve the goal in strength students' employment competitiveness, departments have their distinctive research fields, excellent teach and research environments, and curriculum and laboratory design.

Establish year : 1972 / 1

Type of institution : Private technical University

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Information and communication technologies, Services, Business, administration and law

Contact : International & External Exchange Center, Office of Research and Development

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