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Providence University in Taiwan is a Catholic institution. Under the guidance of the gospel message of love, mercy, and justice, Providence University is committed to the education of each student as a whole person. It strives to assist them in the development of lifelong values, research, and critical thinking skills so that they may effect positive changes in society.

The history of Providence University can be traced back to 1921 when its founders and forerunners first paved the road. In 1956, the institution was accredited by the Ministry of Education as a formal school and was renamed "Providence Junior College for Women". In 1993, our university was renamed "Providence University".
Their successors followed in their steps, all contributing greatly to what Providence has become today.

As prescribed by the school motto, Virtus cum Scientia and Virtue with Knowledge, Providence University values general education as well as professional training since established in 1956.In accordance with the university objectives of "Holistic Formation and Professional Guidance", we aim to educate our students to realize the value of life with Truth, Goodness, Beauty, and Ethics; to expand global vision and communication ability; to foster the desire of knowledge seeking and problem solving; and to possess specialized knowledge with proper use of technology. These core competencies illustrated above define student employability before graduation and are integrated into all courses offered. In other words, Providence University consistently strives to foster students' abilities with a focus on long-term career development in specialized fields, which can also be transferred into different professional areas. In the recent years, the practice of service-learning has become the core value of the university to promote campus culture, emphasizing on teaching, research, humanity, morality, and services.


Establish year : 1956

Type of institution : Privates University

Feature area : Arts and humanities, Business, administration and law

Contact : Office of International and Cross-Straits Affairs

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TEL | +886-4-26328001 ext.11570-11572

Faculty : 374

Student : 12792

Undergraduate 11205

Graduate 899 International Students 688

Academics : 33

College 6 Department 26 Grad. Inst. 1