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National Dong Hwa University

National Dong Hwa University currently consists of eight colleges: the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the College of Science and Engineering, the College of Management, the College of Indigenous Studies, the Hua-Shih College of Education, the College of Fine Arts, the College of Environmental Studies, and the College of Marine Sciences. In all, there are a total of 35 academic departments, 48 graduate institutes, and 17 Ph.D. programs. Totaling over 10,000 students, out of which about 3,800 are graduate students. Students are admitted to the University only after undergoing a rigorous screening process, which includes the College Entrance Examination and other equally stringent methods of evaluation. The student body comprises students from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds from all over Taiwan and various foreign countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and Myanmar. At present, the University boasts over 500 scholars who dedicate themselves to teaching and research; more than ninety-eight percent of these full-time faculty members hold Ph.D. degrees from the world's most prestigious universities.

Establish year : 1994

Type of institution : National University

Feature area : Education, Arts and humanities, Social sciences, journalism and library information, Business, administration and law, Natural sciences, mathematics and statistics, Engineering, manufacturing and construction

Contact : Office of International Affairs (OIA)

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TEL | 886-3-8905112

Faculty : 492

Student : 10427

Undergraduate 7659

Graduate 2495 International Students 273

Academics : 49

College 8 Department 38 Grad. Inst. 3

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    Al Ardha

    National Dong Hwa University
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