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National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology

First tech, first choice to study in Taiwan.

1993. 7. Under the leadership of the former president, Dr. Chia-Hung Ku, a group of scholars overcame many difficulties and established a brand-new, energetic and young campus.
1995. 7. In response to the demand of talents for nation-building, National Institute of Technology of Kaohsiung bearing a reputation for being an aggregation of talents and its expertise in technology was founded. The campus covers 75 hectares and stretches over Nanzih, Yanchao, and Qiaotou District.
1998. 7. In accord with our motto, “Dedication, Damaraderie, Excellence, and Innovation”, we have achieved a record of academic excellence. In 1998, we gained the consent of the Ministry of Education and changed our name to National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology (First Tech) which is also the first technological university in southern Taiwan.
2004. 8. The fourth president was Dr. I-Chang Jou, who was later reappointed the fifth president in August, 2007. Base on his principle of being pragmatic and being useful, Dr. Jou was devoted to Internationalization and Industry-Academy Cooperation during his 5-year term. The school administration stably made advance under his leadership.
2010. 5. Dr. Roger C. Y. Chen took over as the sixth president. In pursuit of instituting the first “entrepreneurial university” in Taiwan, the president guided the professional administrative and academic team, aggressive teachers and staff, and hard-working students to set up a new milestone of First Tech.
The National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology (First Tech) is a leading institution of higher education committed to academic excellence. At present, the University consists of 5 colleges (Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Management, Finance and Banking, and Foreign Languages), 24 graduate institutes (including an IMBA program), 16 departments and one undergraduate honors program, one Post Baccalaureate Bachelor Degree Program, plus three doctoral programs, with 248 faculty and a student population of 7,600.
The award of the prestigious Teaching Excellence Project granted by the Ministry of Education for nine consecutive years since 2006 stands testimony to its excellence and commitment to enhancing teaching, learning environment, and a global outlook. We won recognition of Ministry of Education and gained four-year (2013~2016) subsidization of Technological University Paradigm Program. The amount of subsidization in the four years is 240 million NT dollars. Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) recently announced World University Rankings for 2013 and National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology (FIRST TECH) was able to be top 300 in the last two years. This year FIRST TECH wins recognition once again for its outstanding performance and is the only technical and vocational university to be top 300 in southern Taiwan.
In order to catch up with the world, we established a special office aiming at promoting entrepreneurship in August, 2010. Based on two main ideas -- “innovation and entrepreneurship education” and “innovation and entrepreneurial development” -- we hope to equip our students with the characteristics of innovation and the core value of entrepreneurship, such as passion, willingness to share, and devote themselves. We have further reached four goals: “the combination of theory, practice, and innovation,” “innovation and the development of entrepreneurs,” “innovation and the development of entrepreneurial environment,” and “the practice of research and development.” By doing so, we hope to transform this university into the first entrepreneurial university in Taiwan, enhancing the overall competitiveness of students in the professional field and their entrepreneurial ability in the near future.

Establish year : 1995

Type of institution : National technical University

Feature area : Education, Business, administration and law, Engineering, manufacturing and construction, Natural sciences, mathematics and statistics, Arts and humanities

Contact : Office of International Office

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TEL | +886-7-6011000 ext.1622

Faculty : 266

Student : 7772

Undergraduate 5722

Graduate 2008 International Students 42

Academics : 54

College 5 Department 22 Grad. Inst. 27