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National Penghu University of Science and Technology

1.August first, 1991: Penghu Branch of Kaohsiung Marine Academy
2.July first, 1995: Independent as National Penghu Marine Academy
3.August first, 2000: National Penghu Institute of Technology
4.August first, 2005: National Penghu University

【Academic Development in Unique Areas】:
Our school is a comprehensive university of technology which covers fishery, industry, and business. The three major areas on which we base our development are aquaculture, leisure and tourism, and green energy. We emphasize on both cooperation with local industries and practical teaching in order to equip students with world visions, creative abilities, and professional skills, so that we can meet the requirements of national economy and local industries.

【Students and Faculty】:
We have twelve departments from three colleges and also have five graduate school departments, and the number of students is about 3,011. As for the faculty, the number of full-time members is 121, including more than 102 having owned assistant professorship and higher.


Establish year : 1991

Type of institution : National technical University

Feature area : Unspecified

Contact : International Cooperation

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TEL | 06-9264115#1708

Faculty : 121

Student : 3069

Undergraduate 2915

Graduate 112 International Students 42

Academics : 20

College 3 Department 12 Grad. Inst. 5