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Ming Chi University Of Technology

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Founded in 1963 and located in New Taipei City. Residential schooling and part-time practical training are two of our longstanding school traditions. To live on campus while studying helps students mould their characteristics and maintain a diligent attitude in daily life. As for working pat-time outside the school, it is our objective to help students quickly accumulate practical abilities, gain real-life experiences, and learn the true meaning of diligence, perseverance, being down-to-earth, and searching to the root of things. Especially, our overseas practical training program that began in 2006 has become the pioneer among all universities and colleges in the world.

Establish year : 1963

Type of institution : Private technical University

Feature area : Engineering, manufacturing and construction, Arts and humanities, Business, administration and law, Information and communication technologies

Contact : Center of International Affairs

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TEL | +886-2-29089899 ext.3006

Faculty : 197

Student : 4609

Undergraduate 4091

Graduate 468 International Students 50

Academics : 24

College 3 Department 10 Grad. Inst. 11